Like what you read and see on Handshake 2.0 and wish your own writing, images or videos were extending handshakes around the world? We welcome hearing from you.

Handshake 2.0 is a business expertise, business news, public relations, and business development site showcasing those in the know, those known, and those who want to be known. It features the latest developments in entrepreneurship, business models, business leadership and innovation. We cover company leaders from founders to moguls, and companies from start-ups to global corporations. We are particularly interested in information technology, software and mobile application development, and high-tech.

Handshake 2.0’s audience is those who lead companies – through position or initiative – from founders and CEOs, to agents, assistants, partners, vendors, evangelists and investors. Our content assists decision-makers.

We have openings for freelance Content Creators – freelance writers, graphic artists, cartoonists, illustrators, videographers (or a medium we haven’t yet seen) – who creatively and authoritatively convey business news, expertise, information and ideas.

Writing for Handshake 2.0 requires empathy. What problems, questions or interests do decision-makers have? Solutions to their problems, answers to their questions, and information about their interests are the posts we want to create for them.

Here is the style of business writing we seek.

Here is what we seek from photographers, graphic artists, cartoonists, illustrators, videographers.

If you would like to create content for Handshake 2.0, please read:

Then we welcome you to apply for a position as a Content Creator for Handshake 2.0.

Apply to Handshake 2.0

  • Send a 3-sentence story idea to us in an email to [email protected]. Put CONTENT CREATOR in the subject line. In your email, include the URL to your LinkedIn Public Profile. Use the search feature on Handshake 2.0 to make sure we haven’t already covered the topic.
  • If we’re interested in the story, we’ll send you an invitation to complete the story according to our fundamentals of writing business news and post it in TypePad. (We’ll send you a link on how to use TypePad for Handshake 2.0.)
  • If we’d like to buy the story, we’ll ask you to email us an image or a link to a video to accompany your post. Please do not add the image to the post yourself. If we do not buy the story, you are welcome to use it elsewhere.
  • When your post appears on Handshake 2.0, we will send you the link to the post.
  • Here’s how we compensate Content Creators.

Job Context

You operate as an independent contractor, not as an employee, track your publications, and invoice Handshake Media, Incorporated at the end of each month to receive payment by check issued through online banking. Checks are received by contractors approximately 10 days after we issue them. You are open to submitting your address and Social Security Number, SSN, or Employer Identification Number, EIN, directly to our accounting firm, Hodges, Jones and Mabry. (Once a contractor is paid over $600, a tax statement is issued and a report made to the IRS of your earnings. Hodges, Jones and Mabry would send you that form at the beginning of the year for your previous year’s tax return.) We will also pay monthly invoices by PayPal if you prefer.

You have a complete LinkedIn profile with a photo visible on your public profile in keeping with our philosophy that, online, “It’s still who you know,” and to engender trust with our site’s readers and our company’s clients. Here’s an example from Handshake 2.0’s founder Anne Giles Clelland and here are directions on how to create a personal LinkedIn URL for your Public Profile.

Questions? Please contact us.