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Handshake 2.0 offers several advertising opportunities.

Sponsored Posts

You can choose to sponsor posts showcasing your clients, your service providers, and your company’s leaders or companies in your industry, or let us make the choice for you.

Goodwill-generating, sponsored posts include your logo, your company description, and keywords related to your company.

An example of a sponsored post

An example of a sponsored series of posts

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Sidebar Ads

To place an ad in Handshake 2.0’s sidebar, we need from you:

  1. an ad image 270 x 200 pixels, medium resolution
  2. ALT attribute – brief phrase to describe the image (fewer than 100 characters)
  3. TITLE attribute – brief phrase like a caption to explain the meaning of the image or the relationship of the image to the text content (to optimize for all browsers, fewer than 60 characters)
  4. Website address/URL of the page to which you would like the ad to link.
  5. Optional tracking URL, such as through Google Analytics, linking to the chosen page on your site.

Note: Often used interchangeably with the term “title attribute,” a “title tag” names the content of an HTML document, occurs within the head tag of the document, and can be used only once in the entire HTML document. The title attribute is an additional explanatory note and can be used with images and other elements in HTML doc.

Please contact us for a quote.

We are open to all creative possibilities.

With ideas and for more information, please contact us.

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