A Great Place to Live Under the Star

An excerpt from the Valley Business FRONT June 2013 story "Fixing Up Riverside" by Jeanne Chitty

Aaron EwertAn old mill and scrap yard once occupied the area across the way.
The only reminder of this bygone era is a century-old brick building, which the developers are planning to convert into a coffee shop and restaurant that will maintain the charm of the building’s rough brick walls and enormous wooden beams. Along with this renovation in the project’s first phase will be a five-story 156-unit apartment building with underground parking, and a long pedestrian promenade that will follow the river.

“We are excited about redesigning this space into an urban village, with all of the amenities that people could need. It will be a great place to live under the star, to enjoy dining, entertainment, and exercise right on the river, and to be so close to the downtown scene,” said Aaron Ewert. “Eventually, we will construct a building attached to the front of the apartments, where we’ll put in retail stores and offices on the street level, so our residents will have the convenience of shopping right at their doorstep.”

Read the full story in the June 2013 issue of Valley Business FRONT.

Photo: Jeanne Chitty

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