Art: A Legal Definition

An excerpt from the Valley Business FRONT May 2013 story "Art: A legal definition" by Rachel Garrity

Executive Summary: The Creekmore Law Firm in Blacksburg has moved into the art sphere with a vengeance, showing and supporting artists and their work.

Diana Francis

"Lawyer jokes are a lot like espresso drinks – everywhere, (or if you prefer legalese-type words, ubiquitous) – but fun to share and rarely as memorable as you thought they’d be. Lawyers themselves, though, defy accurate generalization just like every other group does, but most often share some basic characteristics. Then there is The Creekmore Law Firm in Blacksburg, Virginia.
The firm’s focus is on business litigation and business counseling, which often also includes issues of intellectual property. All pretty pinstriped, right? Not so.

Creative minds are at work. If intellectual property were central to your work and you wished to build some name recognition and at the same time distinguish your firm from your competitors, how better to do it than to link yourself with those who have intellectual property to protect – like art."

Read the full story in the May 2013 issue of Valley Business FRONT.

Photo: Rachel Garrity

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