Advice to Small and Medium-Sized Employers about the Affordable Care Act

By Burman Clark

Health insurance is in a time of huge transformation for small employers and medium-sized employers due to the Affordable Care Act which passed the Supreme Court. With President Obama having won re-election, it’s full speed ahead for healthcare reform.

Time of transformation for the health insurance industryWe have started several new offerings at our agency as a result of the Affordable Care Act for our valued clients and prospects which include:

  • A Healthcare Reform Checklist for small employers to medium-sized employers (link below)
  • Healthcare reform consultation
  • Individual options for independent contractors or for those who find themselves without employer-sponsored health insurance
  • Developing our own Private Health Exchange in Southwest Virginia
  • Positioning ourselves as the "go-to" agency for all health insurance needs

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t have any traction until October, 2013.  Until such time, I would recommend to anyone looking for affordable health insurance options to give us a call.  We can search the private market and find the best solution, pairing your wants and needs with what you can afford.  We are licensed with the top health insurers (Anthem, Aetna, Southern Health, and Coventry Healthcare).  Our agency was just awarded the Premier Broker Status with Aetna (their highest honor) and was recently recognized as a TOP 100 Agency with Anthem Blue Cross.

While we don’t have all the answers with respect to the Affordable Care Act, we do have our pulse on how it will affect both business owners and employees.

Burman Clark is the president of Muneris. For more information, please contact Burman Clark, [email protected], 540-726-8008.

Download A Healthcare Reform Checklist from Muneris Benefits (.pdf)

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