6 Steps to a Killer Strategy for Adding Content to Your Google+ Page

By Patsy Stewart

1. Link your blog to your Google+ profile. The benefits for doing this are seen in the search results. Called "Author Rank," Google uses a verification process that ties authors to their published content. Your profile picture is also included in the search results which sets your results apart from the other results. If your blog or website is WordPress you can click here for a simple process on Copyblogger to claim Google Authorship in 3 easy steps. For additional info on Author Rank check out this cheat sheet on Copyblogger and join this community on Google+.


2. Organize your connections. Unlike Facebook, Google allows you to organize your connections into circles or groups of importance to you and how you interact with them. The big plus here is that your circles are private to you and you can communicate with your circles individually or within the group. Your personal profile and your business page have different circles. As a page, you can add other pages to your circles but you cannot add a person to your page circles unless they add you first.

3. Think of your Google+ posts as blog articles. Since there are no limits to the length of your posts on Google+, you can include multiple links in your posts, use hashtags, and include links back to your blog. Include images as well as videos in your posts.

4. Use keywords in both the titles and the captions of your images. Images on Google+ show up in search results also. Your photos and images can include details and captions.

5. Use Google hangouts. Google hangouts are like video chats. You can invite your circles to hangouts and can include up to 10 people.  You will find thought leaders and celebrities having spontaneous hangouts and the first people to jump on get to have a live conversation with them. Use Google hangouts for discussions on products, Q&A for topics of interest, and to get ideas for future endeavors. Unique to Google hangouts is that you can archive and upload your hangout to Youtube.

6. Use and participate in Google communities wisely. Google communities are where individuals and page brands gather to talk about a particular interest and to share ideas to help each other. Here is the place you can find influencers and interact with them.  If you join a community, don’t plan to spam it with your services and products.  That’s not what it’s for and could be a huge reason for your failure on Google+.  But, be active in the community:  +1 posts and comments (+1 is like giving a public recommendation for the post or comment), comment and share your opinions and thoughts on posts,  interact with thought leaders, and publish your relevant content to the community.  NOTE:  You can include communities when you share posts and updates.

For additional information on Google+ business pages, check out Google’s user guide Getting Started with Google+ for Business.

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