Software Tester

We are adding a weekly email notification feature to She Chooses.  We would welcome your help in testing it.

We are developing the feature on the development server.  Since this is not a public site, don’t worry about typos and feel free to use nonsense phrases. 

What we need from you:

40 minutes on this task.

Register at the site here:

If you are male, since this is a development site, feel free to click “I am female” which is required to register.

When you receive the activation email, follow the link within it to the activation page where you will be prompted to click the login link.  (If you don’t receive the email within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder.)

That will take you here:

Once you login, you will be taken here:

You can quickly create a profile or not, your choice.  Please do not use your own name.

Click Home (below the She Chooses logo in the upper navigation).

Post at least 10 updates of each kind, Update, Wisdom, Question, and use Feel. Think. Choose. (begins with button on right) at least 10 times. Please post all updates to Everyone (not to Friends or to Me).

Send a friend request to every user you see.

Check Manage Friends often and accept every friend request you receive.

For every update using Feel. Think. Choose. (red arrow in image below), click Appreciate (red circle) and give it an Appreciation Rating.  Ratings range from 5-1.  Please vary the ratings you give.


10 minutes on this task.

Please study the email updates you receive. (If you don’t receive emails during your first 40 minutes, please wait until you receive them to complete this 10-minute task.) 

Each email should have 6 updates and should be in one these forms:

#1 Users without friends get an email with updates from top-appreciated users.

#2 Users with friends who have friends who have made 6 or more updates get an email with updates from their friends.

#3 Users with friends who have friends who have made fewer than 6 updates get an email with updates from their friends + updates from top-appreciated users if needed to fill in 6 updates.

Each update should have an avatar image.

Please note any errors you see in the emails – typographical, grammatical, stylistic, anything.  Do the updates seem in the the right order based on #1, #2 and #3? The avatar images seem to be showing up intermittently.  Can you see them in your emails?

For testing, the weekly email notification system is set up to send emails every 5 minutes. We will leave this running for about 48 hours so just delete the emails you receive after you’ve finished the task.  We promise the emails will stop.

Please forward to me the first 6 emails you receive.

During the last 10 minutes of the hour allotted to the task, please send me an email with this information:


Any errors you found in the emails.


Any comments, feedback or suggestions on the emails.


If you’re not a volunteer (Thank you, volunteers!)

Your full name
Street address
City, State ZIP

so I can mail you a check via online banking (check should arrive in 10 days).

Thanks very much for your help!

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