Tech Showcase: 10 Facts about Clever Commute

From Clever Commute:

Clever Commute is a mobile app that provides a suite of services for commuters who use public transportation for the trip in and out of major cities.

Also, Clever Commute…

  1. started as a handshake agreement between a few New Jersey Transit train commuters…and has grown into a nationwide network.
  2. offers users alerts via e-mail, text messaging,Twitter, and a mobile website.
  3. works on a “freemium” model and is currently in beta.
  4. provides B2B services for news, traffic and transit organizations.
  5. filters and curates user-generated content to solve a very relevant problem with a patent pending technology.
  6. ranks messages for commuters so they can sure that both good and bad “posters” get the necessary feedback.
  7. reaches an amazing demographic for advertisers.
  8. works on all technology platforms.
  9. is self-funded and has been bootstrapped to revenue, profits and growth.
  10. has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and on CNN, CBS and NBC news (see this link for a list of press coverage).

Clever Commute is developed by Clever Communicator, LLC, a New Jersey start-up.  It is a thriving and profitable alerting service used by over 20,000 commuters in the country’s largest markets. Clever Commute was founded by CEO Joshua Crandall

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  1. From the guy that started Clever Commute: Thanks!
    By the way, here in the NY Metro area…lots of train schedules are changing this weekend. We’re helping people navigate the changes…so come on by and sign up! (

  2. Pretty exciting what you’ve got going, Josh! Sounds like communters are excited about it, too! Congratulations!

    Best wishes from Anne who started Handshake 2.0 🙂

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