Top Five Mobile Apps in Health and Fitness for iPhone and Android

I am a part of new "mHealth" start-up and, applying the first principle of lessons learned from 4 years of entrepreneurship – "Make sure there's a market" – I asked Catherine Galecki to do market research on health and fitness apps. 

Here's her process:

To keep the report brief, instead of writing about the top ten apps for iOS and then the top ten for Android, I wrote about the top five apps found in both devices.  I reviewed iTunes and Google Play and was able to find apps that were popular in both, but that still focus on health and fitness and aren't repetitive.  In particular, I found a lot of of apps on running that were all similar, several calorie counter apps that were similar.

Here's Catherine's report:

Top mobile apps for health and fitnessWith 34% of Americans currently obese and obesity rates expected to be 42% by 2030 according to ABC News, it is no surprise that there are tons of apps based on health and fitness available for iPhones, iPods, and Androids.  So how do I find an app that suits all of my needs, without going through all of the trouble of downloading worthless apps?  The problem arises from the difference in coding from Android and iPhone apps – programmers cannot easily make code that will work for both devices.  Well, never fear, I have organized the top apps for both devices, so that it has never been easier to get healthy.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
This app gives you a daily calorie count and has you write down all of the food that you eat during the day.  It gives a great opportunity to show you how unhealthy the foods that you eat can be.  Calorie Counter also helped me realize that even though I am eating healthy foods, I snack too much.
iTunes | Google Play

Fitness Buddy
Fitness Buddy offers built-in workouts, as well as over thirty exercises in each muscle group (even more in the paid version!) These exercises offer variety, which is good for losing weight and keeping your muscles guessing.  I was really impressed with just how much is offered in this app – it has triple the amount of exercises of any other fitness app that is popular right now.  
iTunes | Google Play

This app is great for finding nutrition facts on the foods that you eat all of the time.  It comes with a daily calorie counter, so you can keep track if you are eating the right types of foods. A built-in scanner is also available so that you can scan at the store for nutrition details.  The app also offers a healthy alternative so that you can cut down on the calories. 
iTunes | Google Play 

Zombies, Run! 
This is not just another running app!  The game encourages the user to run by threatening you with zombies that get closer as you move slower.  I often get bored while running because I have only a finish line as a goal.  This app can help spice up your exercise routine while encouraging you to run faster. 
iTunes | Google Play

This app has a symptom checker to help diagnose anything from whiplash to a common cold.  Once a diagnosis has been identified, conditions of the disease/problem are offered in great length.  This app also has the ability to locate a physician who can treat the problem in your area. Be careful though! I’d suggest not following this app like it is a trained doctor – you may end up thinking you have a brain tumor!
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Catherine Galecki is a 2012 graduate of Virginia Tech in biology.

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  1. Good analysis. Helps simplify the pair of problems — the technology and the solutions they present.
    If this is the first, just imagine what Catherine can do in later submissions. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks Bob!
    I am glad you agree that my post helped to simplify the problem. As I said, there are just so many options, all with very similar functions. Sifting through all of these apps so that I could find the best ones took time, but was necessary.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Bob, and this is perfectly put, Cahtherine:

    >Sifting through all of these apps so that I could find the best ones took time but was necessary.

    Yes! And you helped all of save time with your research. Thank you very much!

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