10 Facts about GoldieBlox: The Engineering Toy for Girls

From GoldieBlox:

GoldieBlox is a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. GoldieBlox makes construction toys geared towards girls' play patterns that combine storytelling and building as a way to get girls to develop their spatial skills and self-confidence in math and science.

GoldieBlox also:

1. was founded by Debbie Sterling, an engineer from Stanford.

2. raised $150,000 in 5 days on Kickstarter, with 3 weeks left to go!
3. stars a main character named "Goldie Blox," the kid inventor in overalls, a tool belt and mismatched socks.
4. was partly inspired by Debbie's grandmother, Sterling Sturtevant, one of the first female cartoonists at Disney and the creator of "Mr. Magoo."
5. includes an e-book available for iPad and iPhone, giving animated tutorials and narration to enrich the building experience.
6. was originally tested on over 100 children in over 40 homes and 3 schools in the prototype phase.

 7. will become a complete book+toy series, with books two and three already mapped out and set to launch in Spring 2013

 8. is Debbie's second foray into crowd funding , the first being "I Want a Goat," a viral fundraising campaign that helped raise $30,000 for rural villages in India.

 9. has the founder of Pictionary as one of its key advisors.

10. is based off an idea that emerged 2 years ago at "Ideas Brunch," a tradition amongst Debbie's friends where they brainstorm ideas over breakfast.

. . . . .

From Anne Giles Clelland:

I was delighted to learn of GoldieBlox from the Virginia Tech's Association for Women in Computing listserv and enjoyed a conversation with @GoldieBlox and Steve Childers JS_Childers on Twitter

Awesome to see GoldieBlox featured in The Atlantic (commentary on this article as thought-provoking as the article itself), The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Wired!

Eager to assist, I offered a pro bono 10 Facts post on Handshake 2.0.  I was thrilled that GoldieBlox team member Sydney Malawer took me up on the offer!  Love the "Ideas Brunch"!

I scrolled down the Kickstarter pledge choices until I saw GET THE TOY.  That's what I wanted to read!  And here's what happened!

Congratulations, GoldieBlox, on reaching your goal!  Can't wait to see THE TOY!

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