PC Drafter for Fantasy Football: Serpentine, Cyclical, and Auction Drafting

PC Drafter 12.0 has been released just in time for the 2012 Fantasy Football season. From the PC Drafter Facebook page:

PC Drafter is in the thick of the current Fantasy Football Draft season. We'll see our biggest activity over the next 10 days, culminating in the NFL kickoff on the 5th of September, Cowboys vs. Giants!

Our new feature to import your league directly from Yahoo Fantasy Football is a hit! Hundreds of downloads in the last few weeks, and the season is still building. This eliminates errors and saves time when configuring your league.

PC Drafter was featured in Handshake 2.0's Tech Showcase and on WDBJ7 with Bob Grebe.

More about PC Drafter from Facebook:

Bar none, this is the one method to use for serpentine, cyclical, and auction drafting. Dominate your fantasy draft by combining our award winning projections and PC Drafter's superior GOLD algorithm.

GOLD builds on Value Based Drafting principles ideas that have been in the public domain for years. The difference is, GOLD goes far beyond as it tightens up the process and dynamically delivers more robust player recommendations. The results are 10% higher scoring teams when compared to teams chosen using just Average Draft Position.

PC Drafter incorporates this GOLD algorithm, plus everything else you need to gain a huge competitive advantage using your PC during your football fantasy league's draft. Maintain multiple leagues, use standard or auction format, handle keepers, evaluate trades, and with the registered version, update your players with the very latest projections at the click of a button.

The result is you can actually enjoy your fantasy drafts this year, secure in knowing that you've got the most up-to-date rosters, projections and schedules, all customized for your league's scoring.

My favorite quote from PC Drafter's Facebook page is definitely "serpentine, cyclical, and auction drafting" and from the Handshake 2.0 post, this comment from Henry Bass, founder of Automation Creations, developers of PC Drafter: "PC Drafter is having an awesome season this year, but I realize that Fantasy Football is a binary activity: either you are really into it, or you don't know anything about it!"

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, more than 32 million played fantasy football in 2011.

Congratulations, Henry, from 2.0 on the release of 12.0! 

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Automation Creations, Incorporated is a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated, parent company of Handshake 2.0.

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  1. Thank you, Anne and Handshake 2.0! Bob Grebe served as emcee of the 2012 Global Business Challenge last week, and asked me what was new for Fantasy Football, remembering our 2010 interview!

    We have a great feature this year for importing rules and league configurations from Yahoo Fantasy Football: we think this is the tip of a very deep iceburg. We’d like to do a lot more interfacing with various fantasy drafts, so that PC Drafter becomes a web and mobile app that truly turns a complex optimization problem into one-click simplicity.

    Here’s a video of Bob Grebe’s story on PC Drafter:

  2. Wow, what a connection between PC Drafter and client VT KnowledgeWorks and the Global Challenge! Loved hearing this!

    More here:

    Automation Creations Releases PC Drafter 12.0 Fantasy Football Software

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