10 Facts about Coty Connections

Coty Connections, Inc., founded by Leslie Coty, is a social media marketing and strategy firm. Coty Connections harnesses the power of social media to help businesses grow.

Leslie Coty of Coty Connections

Coty Connections also:

  1. connects businesses to customers on all social media platforms by using the hottest social media trends on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.
  2. posts daily Social Media Tips on Facebook.
  3. creates engagement by posting consistently on social media platforms for clients.
  4. works with a wide range of industries including insurance, medical, retail, nonprofits, retirement communities, political, publishing, catering, technology.
  5. presents dynamic workshops, training, and seminars to businesses and organizations including Chambers of Commerce, legal associations, health/wellness, construction, Kiwanis and churches.
  6. offers services including consulting, strategy, social media audits, content management and curation.
  7. has passion for integrating social media with traditional media and helping businesses succeed.
  8. has been interviewed by WDBJ7-TV, WFIR and WFJX radio and featured in AntiqueTrader and Valley Business FRONT.
  9. is a certified digital marketing consultant.
  10. has fun with social media! Leslie’s Tuesday Shoesday on Facebook is a hit!
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