10 Stats About Virginia Entrepreneurs

In light of the Center for Innovation Technology, CIT, announcing the GAP 50 Entrepreneur Awards for Virginia entrepreneurs and the upcoming Startup Weekend Blacksburg in Virginia, we asked Emily Wampler to compile a list of statistics and numbers for us about entrepreneurs in Virginia.  Here's what Emily found:

  1. 2012 was declared the “Year of the Entrepreneur” in Virginia by Governor Bob McDonnell. Source
  2. About Virginia EntrepreneursVirginia had 567,830 small businesses in 2004.  Source
  3. Virginia ranked in the bottom third of all states for new startups by the Kauffman Foundation in 2010. Source
  4. Entrepreneurs enjoy a favorable business tax climate with Virginia as the 6th most corporate tax-friendly state.  Source
  5. 74% of Virginia entrepreneurs are male, while females make up 26%.  Source
  6. The average entrepreneur in Virginia is 39 years old and  makes an average yearly
    salary of $97,981.  Source
  7. The average entrepreneur in Blacksburg, Virginia (home of Handshake 2.0) makes $76,474 and is 23 years old.  Source
  8. The highest average entrepreneur's salary in Virginia is $240,534 in McLean, Virginia.  Source
  9. To begin to address the access to capital challenge, Virginia began a $3 million grant program in 2012 for small business owners. Source
  10. Virginia has more than 27 business incubation programs.  Source

Nominations for Virginia entrepreneurs for the CIT GAP 50 Entrepreneur Awards can be made here through September 20, 2012.

Entrepreneurs in the Blacksburg, Virginia area can participate in Startup Weekend Blacksburg, September 14-16, 2012. Read about Startup Weekend Blacksburg on Handshake 2.0 and VT KnowledgeWorks Members to Serve as Startup Weekend Mentors.

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