Relational Presence and Leaders

From Tom Krapu:

Relational presence is the capacity to be fully present to others and deeply connected to them. This capacity has an enormous impact on how we relate to others and has huge implications for how communication is received. Relational presence is difficult to measure but most people know it when they experience it. When we are fully present to others in our interactions, it creates a powerful invitation to “join.” As leaders, this capacity helps us create cohesive teams, invite “cooperative following” (buy-in), and inspires others to shift away from “self-focus.”

When we think of some of the most positive and influential people in our lives and how they have impacted us, and we consider the ways they were present to us, we can see that relational or leadership presence is really a cornerstone of interpersonal influence.

So can relational presence be learned? This is a very important question. For most people I believe the answer is yes. I believe this skill largely transcends traditional intellectual intelligence because it is central to our relational life and everything in life is fundamentally “in relationship.”

The work of the Arbinger Institute through their books and seminars creates a powerful invitation to relational presence. Another resource in this area is Lee Glickstein, the creator of Speaking Circles.  He has developed a methodology that actually focuses on the capacity for relational presence. 

The video below, albeit produced by a  company for marketing purposes, speaks to the power of being present and connected in relation to others.

I invite leaders to look more deeply at their own aspirations to be more fully present everywhere they want to have an impact.

As an executive and leadership coach, Tom Krapu, Ph.D., PCC has over thirty years of experience helping others in their personal and professional development.  Since 2001, he has served as a coach, trainer and facilitator at the individual, team and organizational levels. His executive coaching experience includes working with executives at all levels in diverse sectors of the economy from technology to health care, investment, publishing, manufacturing, government and higher education.  He blogs at Infinite Potential.  You’re invited to connect with Tom Krapu on LinkedIn.

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  1. Thanks for the great post! Our interpersonal impact comes largely through our words and our intentions. My coaching helps people become clearer in both their words and intentions. Here are some great examples of the impact this can have:

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