The Tao of Handshake 2.0

At a leadership workshop with Tom Krapu using The Tao of Leadership, I had a full-of-wonder, master-novice moment of enlightenment like described in an ancient text.  I asked Tom, “What is the Tao?” He answered, “The way the world works.”  I asked, “How does the world work?” He answered, “Observe and it will reveal itself.”

Yin Yang HandshakeSince then, I have been consciously asking, “How does the world work?” and observing my answers.  Revelations are coming.  Answers to one version of the question – “How does the world of Handshake 2.0 work?”  – came readily since I have been observing the site since its founding almost four years ago.  With delight, I share how Handshake 2.0 works.

  1. It’s still who you know.
  2. The knowing begins with you.
  3. You know that words and images almost always involve a one-to-one communication between the person viewing the words and images and the person who created them.
  4. You know that the combined effect of the efforts of many is greater than the effect of the sum of individual efforts.
  5. You value experts and their expertise.
  6. You seek customers in your target market who work like you work and want what you offer.
  7. You do not seek all customers. You understand that, for some customers, your competition will be a better fit.
  8. You use Google.
  9. You know that, the majority of the time, clicking on a Google search result takes you to one blog post, one article, or one update on a site that has many blog posts, many articles or many updates.  The one is among many.
  10. One of your uses of Google is to find answers to questions and solutions to problems. As a result, you make inquiries about business products and services based on the value of the information you find and the expertise of the individual conveying that information.
  11. You understand that even though a) almost 1 billion people are on Facebook and $1 billion will be spent on Instagram, and b) buying decisions can be made as a result of referrals through social media, business decision-makers – like you - seek answers to questions and solutions to problems using Google.
  12. You understand the value of a site whose top source of traffic is Google search results.
  13. Your target market uses Google.
  14. Your target market makes decisions about business products and services based on expertise (not on discounts or on animal mascots, for example).
  15. You have reflected upon how the world works for the members of your target market, envisioned what it would be like to have their questions and their problems, and know you a) have the expertise to answer their questions and solve their problems, b) have products or services that may be of value to them.
  16. You have translated that reflection into a list of subjects for which your target market is likely to search using Google.
  17. On each of those subjects, you or members of your team can write specifically, meaningfully and usefully in about 300 words and select or create an image that symbolizes or further explains the subject.
  18. You have discovered that you write occasionally when inspired, rather than regularly when required, and the pressure of creating many blog posts puts writing any blog posts at the bottom of your to-do list.
  19. You discovered this truth by trying your own corporate blog, now almost abandoned, because a) you or your team couldn’t keep up a regular content writing schedule, or b) you found the low traffic disappointing, c) your expertly written and thoughtfully created blog posts didn’t show up in Google search results where members of your target market could find them.
  20. You understand that the combined effect of many blog posts is greater than the sum of individual blog posts.
  21. You now share your expertise through Handshake 2.0, one blog post at a time, as you are inspired, as one of many.  By members of your target market who seek what they find using Google, your post is available to be found, and you are available to be known.
  22. It's still who you know.

If the "you" in the above feels like a fit for you (see #7), I invite you to join me as one of many using how Handshake 2.0 works.  We're doing business by sharing our knowledge and expertise with those seeking answers to questions and solutions to problems.

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