How Many Hanging Leg Raises Can Anne Do for the Humane Society?

You can see in the video how many hanging leg raises I can do now. How many do you think I can do on April 21, 2012?

I’ll be participating in the Fitness Challenge to benefit the Humane Society of Montgomery County, Virginia at The Weight Club in Blacksburg, Virginia at 10:00 AM  on April 21, 2012.  I’ll be one of founding organizer Kurt Weidner’s Team Animals for a day!

Make a donation to the Humane Society of Montgomery County for $1 per raise – $20 for 20 raises, $30 for 30 raises – and I’ll match every donation for every raise I do over 20, up to $200 total.  Think I can do 50 raises?  That’ll be $50 to see me try! 

Option 1

Donate online!  On this Humane Society of Montgomery County donation page, in the text box “Is this in memory of a pet or person?” please type “Fitness Challenge – Handshake 2.0” so we can keep track of how much I’ll owe!

Option 2

Send a check made out to the Humane Society of Montgomery County to:

Handshake Media, Incorporated
406 Allegany Street
Blacksburg, VA  24060-5007

If you’ll be near Blacksburg, Virginia, USA on April 21, 2012, here are directions and feel free to join us at The Weight Club for the Fitness Challenge.

Thank you, Cecile Newcomb, for your encouragement and videography!


I am a fan of The Weight Club. I have worked out every Saturday, with few exceptions, since July, 2006, with Don Belote.  When I saw Vaughan Twigger flip tires at the inaugural Fitness Challenge, I worked with him for 6 months and he taught me to do hanging knee raises.  During one of Vaughan’s workouts, I watched him do hanging leg raises, touching the top bar with his toes.  I’m not up to the Vaughan Twigger standard, but I’m ready to give hanging leg lifts a go at the Fitness Challenge!


Why do I support the Humane Society?  My Cat.

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