User Experience: My Name Is…

From Kelsey Sarles:

I am a creative consultant and designer. I work behind the scenes – that is until today. As of today, at Handshake 2.0's request, I’m going public with my experiences in a new column entitled “User Experience.” 

I am committed to sharing something – a photograph, an illustration, a doodle, a video, an observation, a question – something. This something could be anything. Regardless of what it turns out to be, I hope it makes you smile, laugh, ponder, comment, or share. I hope to prove that our life experiences, though often different, are quite the same.

The first something I have to offer is this simple introduction.

My name is…

My name is Kelsey Jade SarlesKelsey Sarles is a User Experience and Graphic Designer, passionate about creating inspiring, results-driven marketing and design solutions for her clients. Her portfolio includes concept, UX, and graphic design of Handshake® Mobile's Thought Full™ – an app to remember, and UX and graphic design for She Chooses® mobile powered by Feel. Think. Choose.™ 

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