Work: It’s Personal, by Anne Giles Clelland

Work: It's Personal by Anne Giles ClellandWork: It’s Personal, by Anne Giles Clelland

Work: It’s Personal collects over 30 common, real-life, workplace dramas and pairs them with thoughtful and direct advice from the author. Clelland’s advice, although not always what we thought we’d hear, is honest, heart-felt, and designed to help readers become aware of what’s really going on at work – both personally and professionally – so they can make informed choices on behalf of themselves and their companies.

Foreword by Dan Smith, Editor, Valley Business FRONT
Book cover, design and cartoon illustrations by Kelsey Sarles
Author photograph by Wayne Dunford

Available in print on and for the Kindle

From Work: It’s Personal:

Most of us spend more of our personal time with co-workers than we do with our partners and families. We’re advised to separate our personal and work lives, yet, as persons, we work. We rarely choose our co-workers, but we must personally work with them – or work around them. How to be our best selves in the workplace, as ourselves and in relationship with others – and still make money for our companies as both employees and employers – has been the subject of the workplace advice column I have been honored to write for Valley Business FRONT since December of 2008.

In Work: It’s Personal, the columns are collected and organized by the broad categories of what we take personally at work, then by chronology. If you find any of these words of value in any way, I would feel deeply gratified.

And if you have a personal problem at work that you don’t see addressed here, please send me a question at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to answer it in Valley Business FRONT.


About the Author

Anne Giles Clelland, M.A., M.S., is the founder, president and CEO of Handshake Media, Incorporated, and founder of Handshake 2.0. She holds master’s degrees in mental health counseling and education. Her print publications include poetry, fiction, and newspaper and magazine articles. Online, she writes at and She lives in Blacksburg, Virginia with her husband and two cats. Read Anne’s full bio.



Refreshing! Anne Giles Clelland gives advice. Think that’s a bland statement? Think again. Most professionals in this capacity are careful to walk the fence, giving “considerations” as in “you could do this, but you should also think of that.” In direct fashion, Clelland actually cuts through the psychobabble, clears away the fuzziness, and points you in a specific direction. With Work: It’s Personal, you’ll feel like you ran far, far away from your company H.R. office. That can very often be a very good thing.
– Tom Field, Publisher, Valley Business FRONT

The answer to the work/life equation is not a constant. It’s not an “answer” at all – rather more like an attitude. Read this book for practical insight to solve the contradictions, non sequiturs and downright silliness that abound between the professional and the personal.
– Monica Rokicki-Guajardo, Better Building Works LLC

Anne is a thoughtful observer of the human condition, particularly in the business environment, and she artfully translates the wisdom to be gained from such observation into useful, readable, and entertaining prose. This collection of her columns from Valley Business FRONT is a great “flip-through” resource, especially for your under-40 readers who haven’t had time to collect and digest their own useful stories.
– Jim Flowers, Executive Director, VT KnowledgeWorks

Anne Clelland’s writing is wise, authentic, witty, and keeps our focus on the human side of decisions. She inspires deeper compassion for ourselves and our fellow man – who wouldn’t want to do business with a leader who genuinely cares. Work: It’s Personal [title in italics] helps us keep that perspective.
– Catherine Sutton, Director, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Virginia

In her book Work: It’s Personal, Anne Giles Clelland…offers down-to-earth, practical business advice for the business person…This is a must-read and Anne should be commended for her helpfulness to all of those who are involved in today’s business.
– Richard E. Sorensen, Dean, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech

Work-life-balance issues plague everyone. No one is immune. For two years, I have been fighting this disease with a monthly dose of Anne’s column in Valley Business FRONT. Now with Work: It’s Personal, I can have a daily dose of her medication. Her empathetic, witty and hopeful responses to people’s questions – like mine – will earn this book a permanent place on my desktop bookshelf. Let her write your prescription for the work-life blues.
– Stuart Mease, Director Undergraduate Career Services, Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business

Regardless of your self-confidence and experience, at some point, we’ve all found ourselves in a dilemma that challenged our ability to determine the right thing to do. In Work: It’s Personal, Anne Giles Clelland recaps her advice on dozens of scenarios for which her readers sought counsel. Her replies are generally witty, personal, and laced with wisdom. She’s the Ann Landers of professional advice covering all types of workplace and interpersonal conundrums.
– Cory Donovan, Executive Director, Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council

Anne Giles Clelland knows how important standards are in volatile times. She knows the world is changing, knows how the world is changing – and she knows even better how to remind us of the important lessons of behavior, responsibility, deportment that don’t change, no matter what transformations our workplace – and our world – experiences. She’s also a terrific writer who makes her reminders a pleasure to read, even when she’s – gently, gently – scolding us.
Keith Ferrell, Author, Editor

Anne’s common sense approach is certain to be reassuring to those who want to know how to handle often-sensitive office issues. Her straight-forward manner, sprinkled with good humor, helps to make business advice close to home, readable, and meaningful.
– Joyce Waugh, Director, Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, Virginia

Work: It’s Personal is available in print on and for the Kindle.  We used CreateSpace to publish the book in print and Kindle Direct Publishing for the Kindle version.

Please feel free to contact the author, Anne Giles Clelland, at [email protected].

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