I Will Google You

In the physical world of business, "It's who you know" begins introductory handshakes that can lead to handshakes on deals.

In the online world of business, "It's still who you know" begins a knowledge-based consideration of a handshake.  If I read a blog post about you, or see a video about you, the information might inspire me to contact you for an introductory handshake.  But how to get known?  We founded Handshake 2.0 with "It's still who you know" as a tagline to assist good companies in sharing good information about their good companies to help them get known well.

Anne GooglingWe may need to change Handshake 2.0's tagline to this:  "It's still who you know – and it's what they know."

If someone in my "It's who you know" network introduces me to you for that introductory handshake and the first impression was a good one, I will return to my office and Google you.

I will Google your name, your company's name, your name + your company's name, your company's name + your industry, etc. 

Why am I using Google to get to "know" you?  Two reasons.

1)  I want to decrease business risk. 

I want to see what's online about you to learn that you are who you say you are, that your company truly exists, and that what you say about yourself and what others say about you match my impression.  The more due diligence-based trust I can place in you and your corporate practices, the less risk I take.

2) I want to increase competitive advantage. 

I am finding Shoshana Zuboff's assertion in The Support Economy to be increasingly true: there are two economies, one in the physical world, one online, and my company needs to operate strategically in both.  I Google you to learn that your company is operating competitively in its industry both online and off. I want to learn that doing business with your company would be good for my company.

When I find your company's site, I'm glad to see Twitter and Facebook icons, but I click or tap through to see how active you are in social media.  I look for the quantity and quality of your activity.  My company needs your company to be participating in "both economies." If you're not competitive in one whole economy, that makes doing business with you less advantageous than doing business with someone who is.

Handshake 2.0 is an enterprise of Handshake Media, Incorporated and as Handshake Media's representative, I will be extending handshakes of greeting in both the physical and online worlds of business in 2012.  I look forward to meeting you.  I will return to my office later and Google you.  If we're at a business luncheon and the meeting is boring, with my smartphone, I won't wait.  Within minutes of meeting you, I'll be Googling you. 

Photo: Dan Smith


What will your potential customers and clients find when they Google you?  Will they find a fresh, current post that is informative or insightful about your business, customers, or employees?  If the answer is "No," we can help.

What's the competitive advantage of using Handshake Media's PR and marketing services over another company's?  We help you get known by helping you create your message about you.  If we create it, we get known.  Good for our business, not so good for yours.  Let Handshake help you get good news to those who want to know more about you.  Please contact us.

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  1. Ann –
    I totally agree and would like to add two thoughts to making that pre-Google initial contact more effective:

    1. HOW you shake hands has a lot to do with that first impression. That’s why I wrote the 99 cent Amazon Kindle book, “The Million Dollar Handshake”;
    2. Answering the question “What do you do?” in a way that is engaging and creates conversation is something very few do well. (I offer a monthly free class on this)

    Both are critical to that first impression – leading more folks to rush to their office to Google you.

  2. The “how” is very important, Jennifer – thanks for leaving the comment. Your book looks interesting:


    Thanks again!

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