Jeff Proco of Pro Painting

By Anne Giles

I was thrilled to write about my awe and respect for the skill of Jeff Proco of Pro Painting when he painted a house of many colors for us envisioned by interior designer Babs Chenault. You can see the colors in the first photo in this post and, in the second, Jeff’s bringing together of flat paint and trim paint in a very tight corner, two coats, three corners, by hand, without tape.

When we remodeled, again Jeff showed his precision painting in tight corners.

When I moved into a townhouse with walls the color of pink-tinged mud, I knew I would make two phone calls – to Babs to choose the colors and to Jeff to paint them.

After I posted the photo accompanying this post of my attentive kitten’s head bobbing up and down while Jeff used a paint roller on a wall in my new townhouse, I received several requests for his contact information.

I’m glad to share it and more about why and how I work with Jeff Proco.

  • Fair price. I don’t receive a discount and wouldn’t want one. Jeff creates the aesthetic pleasure and peace that come from expanses of exquisitely applied color. To me, that’s priceless.
  • A turn. Jeff’s a master painter and those who know his work wait gratefully and patiently in his queue.
  • Value added. Jeff sees better ways to do things and does them or offers to do them while he’s there. I didn’t mention that I was going to hire someone to caulk the leaky bathroom cabinet after he finished painting. He caulked. Then he painted.
  • Possibilities. The peeling finish on the kitchen cabinets stands out even more against the glory of Jeff’s high gloss walls. I thought wood was forever. He suggested paint.The kitchen would look like the inside of a shiny white gift box! I love the idea.
  • Artistry. I’m dreaming of zebra stripes on those painted white kitchen cabinets, but I better run that by Babs first. If she goes for it, Jeff will paint the stripes by hand.
  • Trust. I’m on my own and bad things can happen to people when they’re alone or with people they don’t know or when they have to leave for an appointment or meeting. Thank heavens for impeccable Jeff Proco.

Contact information!

Jeff Proco, Pro Painting, 540-357-4880

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