Discovering Connections via LinkedIn Live

“How can anyone know 500 people?” asked my husband upon receiving a LinkedIn request from an old friend with over 500 connections. At that moment I realized he had never looked at my profile. Why should he? He already knows me. What he doesn’t know is that I really do, at some level,  know the 900+ people in my network.

And while that may seem like I’m well-connected, I learned during LinkedIn Live in Blacksburg there are others from my region with even more connections.

The three top connectors from the Roanoke-Blacksburg region mentioned were:

Not surprisingly, they are in my network, too! It made sense to me that John and Alec would have a lot of connections. John teaches 3,000 students regularly in World Regions, the largest class Virginia Tech offers and has made news around the globe for reaching out to connect with world leaders through all means of social media.

As a headhunter, meeting people is the life-blood of Alec’s business. He’s social, out-going and knows how to work a room when it comes to making contacts.

But Caroline, who is in her early twenties and a budding entrepreneur, does not have the benefit of speaking to thousands of students daily or longevity in a career. Instead, she attributes routinely connecting with purpose to her LI success:

Caroline pughLinkedIn has been a tool that has become a part of my every day life in communicating, networking, learning and sharing what I do as an entrepreneur.

I have found that getting in touch with key decision makers is an instrumental part of growing a business, along with building and maintaining strong relationships.

Through LinkedIn I have been able to connect with people who are now some of my closest advisors, friends and clients.

— Caroline Pugh



To learn more about how these and other connectors are shaping the Roaonke-Blacksburg region and beyond, take a look at the LinkedIn Live SlideShare presentation below. You’ll be amazed by how connected we are and the potential that awaits. 

LinkedIn chose  Blacksburg, Va. to launch LinkedIn Live! The  event was held at the Inn at Virginia Tech on June 27, 2013. 
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