Throquet: The World’s First New Lawn Game

By Anne Giles Clelland

Startup founders who played in the world’s first game at the inventor’s home using a prototype celebrate this long-awaited launch: Throquet was released to the public today.

ThroquetThroquet’s inventor is Jim Flowers, Executive Director of global entrepreneurship center VT KnowledgeWorks.  Our company, Handshake Media, has been a member of VT KnowledgeWorks since founding. Throughout our early years in business, Jim has served as a candid, insightful mentor and it is particularly gratifying to see him “walk the talk” of entrepreneurship, taking the personal risk of testing his own invention in the marketplace.

From Jim Flowers:

Throquet is the solution to outdoor entertainment challenges we’ve all faced. I have always enjoyed the relaxed pace and social opportunities that make croquet particularly appropriate for parties. Unfortunately, I’ve never had a large, flat lawn. And when I moved to the edge of the Jefferson National Forest [Virginia] a few years ago, I despaired of ever playing croquet in my own yard. In 2010, I enjoyed yet one more thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of croquet (at a friend’s home). That did it! I went home and invented Throquet.

Once I decided that a new lawn game was worth some serious thought, I found some rings and cones, made up a prototype Throquet set, and threw a party. The guests all loved it. I loaned the game out to others. They all loved it. So, two years later, in the spring of 2012, the adventure of taking Throquet to market began in earnest.

It is truly a virtual startup. Even though Throquet is a tangible product, we have no office, no employees, no factory, and no warehouse. Everything is/was electronically handled through third parties except field-testing the prototype version of the game. All the requirements to make a bet like this in the 21st century are a computer, internet access, modest risk capital, and plenty of moxie. That will all change if Throquet is a big success, of course; but right now it’s just me, a browser, and reliable suppliers.

I like Throquet’s tagline, the “game for large groups of smiling people.” We were smiling when we played in the world’s first game of Throquet.  Here are some of my fellow world’s first Throquet players.  And in the video, I’m the one in the blue dress 🙂

Care to join me now in being one of the world’s first owners of Throquet

Video taken by Lindsey Eversole.

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