Flying Mouse Brewery Prepares for Takeoff

An excerpt from the Valley Business FRONT May 2013 story "Of Mice and Beer" by Tom Field

Executive Summary
: Building a brewery to make a craft beer? That's like telling a small rodent he can fly.

Flying Mouse BreweryBartleby Hopsworth is the logo and mascot of the brand new Flying Mouse Brewery off the winding little road between Daleville and Troutville, Virginia. 

"You can be something really small and still be something incredible… from invention," says Frank Moeller.

Frank left his engineering job to strap on new wings in pursuit of his passion. He had been brewing his own been for 18 years, and at the urging of his wife, Debbie, he made the leap to running a brewery even before he had a site.

An abandoned concrete fabrication plant in Botetourt County, Virginia turned out to be a great place to set up. Frank and Debbie are determined to get the 18,000 square foot facility on the 15-acre property ready for production by Fall, 2013.

Read the full story in the May 2013 issue of Valley Business FRONT.

Photo: Tom Field

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