Draper Mercantile – The Business of Sustaining Heritage, Heart and Soul

An excerpt from the Valley Business FRONT May 2013 story "Bring them back to Draper" by Rachel Garrity

Executive Summary: The Draper Mercantile and Trading Company in Montgomery County, Virginia is a thriving restaurant, a stage for performers, a private room for special events, a small specialty grocery and a gallery space to showcase the creations of local writers, craftspeople and artists.

Draper Mercantile in Draper, Virginia

As their vacation property business mushroomed, Debbie and Bill Gardner needed office space, and they were eager to showcase the rich culture that bespeaks the New River Valley of Virginia and its surrounds. So, in 2008 they bought a building that had been most recently a furniture store, but had served myriad purposes since its early 19th century construction – a general store, a barber shop, a blacksmith, the post office, a dress shop, an antiques emporium and even a branch of the Pulaski County library. Draper Mercantile – the Merc – was born.

Read the full story in the May 2013 issue of Valley Business FRONT.

Photo: Rachel Garrity

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