Cognichoice Co-founder on mHealth Zone Live: Advice to Health IT Developers

Cognichoice's co-founder Anne Giles Clelland was a guest on the program The Building Blocks for Behavior Change during the weekly radio talk show mHealth Zone Live by Happtique on Thursday, May 2, 2013.

mHealth Zone Live host Ben Chodor asked Anne, "Give the mHealth developers out there some advice on designing for behavior change. Anything they must do? Anything they should avoid?"

Advice for mHealth app developers

An excerpt from Anne's answer:

Two acronyms, one well-known, one of my own making: EBT and ISC.

EBT stands for evidence-based treatment. Whether you think your health app is a treatment or not, the health care industry thinks an app is a treatment and it will require you to conduct research to prove that your app works and does no harm. An mHealth developer needs to know that research takes time and costs time which is antithetical to the lean startup model and burns most startups' thin capital like tissue paper.

ISC stands for Infinite Sales Cycle. I had no idea how hard it would be and how long it would take to connect with potential research partners or customers in the health care industry. I understand now that they are mission-driven to provide treatments that work and fear-driven to make sure that the treatments don’t make them vulnerable to suit. Deliberating about all this takes time. We’re entrepreneurs with a great product. We had no idea of the barriers to entry we faced in health IT.

The best coverage of these issues I've seen is Thinking of starting a Health IT company? Here are the top three industry challenges by Rick Morrison.

We have connected with decision-makers, however, and have great hope for Cognichoice’s future!

Added: This is our experience in mHealth, too: "[Medical device] entrepreneurs will also have to contend with institutional review boards, third party payers, and they have to front the cost of a clinical trial." – MedCity News, 4/30/13

You can listen to the audio of the show below, on the program page, or through iTunes.

The program's order: Ben Chodor with mHealth news, Anne from Cognichoice, and Wendy Nilsen, Ph.D., Health Scientist Administrator at the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research.

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Cognichoice is a personal awareness and social sharing software platform available to users in web, mobile web, and mobile versions, based on evidence-based techniques that result in behavior change, offered as custom editions of white label web browser-based, mobile web, and mobile device software to companies and organizations in the health care industry that are mission-driven and prevention-driven to help their patients make choices that result in prescribed behavior change.

Our vision for Cognichoice is that it is recommended by health care providers to groups of their patients who need help getting healthier – teens and adults who are obese, people with type 2 diabetes, substance abuse problems, PTSD. Chronic conditions such as these require people to change their behavior, manage it, and practice self-care, thus increasing health outcomes and reducing costs to the care provider. We also envision employers offering Cognichoice to their employees to help them get healthier, have healthier work lives, and lower health care coverage costs.

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For more information about Cognichoice, please contact Anne Giles Clelland, [email protected], 540-808-6334.

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