Good Timing for Timing Diagrams and Smartphones

We love this quote from Michael Miller, writing for Valley Business FRONT about Dan Notestein and Donna Miller, co-founders of SynaptiCAD:

"So, the next time you grab your smartphone and play Angry Birds, you should realize that it was probably made possible by the vision of Dan and Donna."

Dan Notestein and Donna Mitchell of SynaptiCAD

Dan and Donna were featured in Who's in FRONT? and SynaptiCAD was featured on the electronic design automation industry site EDA Blog.

SynaptiCAD develops software tools to help electrical engineers design electronic circuits. Being engineers ourselves, we were frustrated by having to almost complete a design before being able to get useful results from the software. We decided that there must be a better approach for interacting with design tools and from this simple idea we created SynaptiCAD.

– Excerpt from SynaptiCAD's feature in Handshake 2.0's Tech Showcase

Read the full story on Dan, Donna, circuits and smartphones in Valley Business FRONT, pages 36-37 (.pdf).

We stopped being fans of Angry Birds when we got to those glass brick things, but we're fans of Dan and Donna!  SynaptiCAD was founded in 1992 – congratulations to Dan and Donna on 20 years of software success!

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