We Ask You to Contribute to Cognichoice’s Crowdfunding Campaign

From Anne Giles Clelland, co-founder of Cognichoice:

We have developed a health app that we think will save people from so much suffering – people who are overweight and heading towards type 2 diabetes and heart disease, people who struggle with substance abuse disorders, people whose traumatic experiences now burden them with PTSD. All have to change what they’re doing and manage their behavior to relieve their conditions. That's hard! Cognichoice (TM) is a a new way to help people do what needs to be done and stop what needs to stop – in a mobile app, always there for them.

We invite you to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign - Cognichoice – The App That Helps People Change. – now live on Health Tech Hatch.

We're crowdfunding Cognichoice!The costs in human suffering and to the U.S. economy of our unmanaged behaviors are staggering.  Most of the most expensive conditions to treat in the U.S. – among them heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, COPD – are behavior-related, i.e. if we changed or managed our behavior, we could change our health.  Treatment for heart disease, for example, is the top health expense in the U.S., almost entirely preventable and manageable if we maintained a healthy weight.

For me, getting Cognichoice in the hands of people who need it is a cause. I believe it can profoundly transform the way people handle the challenges in their lives.  When even one person’s journey is eased, the vista of possibilities for each of us and all of us opens.

I am asking you to contribute because I would welcome you joining me and our team in helping get Cognichoice in the hands of people who need help.

Specifically, I'm asking you to contribute to funding the software development and research necessary to get Cognichoice in those hands. Health apps need to be tested!

I'm not asking for a charitable donation – I'm asking you to help "crowdfund" us, a ground-breaking way of getting startups with great ideas enough seed money to grow those ideas into companies in full bloom that change the way things are done - and to hire people to do the work that makes that happen. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia believes that crowdfunding is a “way to change the world.”  We hope Cognichoice may be a way to do the same.

I am also asking you to contribute to let me and others know that you think this app is a good idea.  I envision 2680 funders at an average of $25 each = $67,000, our funding goal (here's our proposed budget). Those 2680 funders and their dollars say "Yes, indeed!" to our target markets in the health care industry.

Please contribute to our cause – our crowdfunding campaign – Cognichoice – The App That Helps People Change.

If you want to help us fund Cognichoice, we invite you to contribute, tweet, post, share and forward this link to the crowdfunding campaign to others who also want to help people make healthier choices.


Questions, feedback, comments?  We welcome them!  Email me, [email protected], or call me, 540-808-6334. 

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We invite you to contribute to Cognichoice – The App That Helps People Change.

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