Preview of Our Crowdfunding Campaign on Health Tech Hatch

Cognichoice - The App That Helps People Change


We're busily at work on crowdfunding health app Cognichoice (TM)! Our official donation-based crowdfunding campaign launches on Health Tech Hatch on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.

Above is a screenshot of the top half of our campaign page.  We're starting at 0 funders and $0 and hope for an average donation of $25 by 2680 people.  We'll reach our crowdfunding goal of $67K and show our target markets there's a market for Cognichoice!

This link will go live soon - Cognichoice – The App That Helps People Change!

We'll keep you posted!

Questions, feedback, comments?  We welcome them!  Email me, [email protected], or call me, 540-808-6334. 

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