The Business of the Business Cat

A kitten shows up at the office door.  It rubs its thin, tiny self against the business owner's legs and looks up longingly with round eyes from its sweet, adorable face. The business owner thinks, "It looks like it doesn't belong to anyone… Why not? It can live here.  It can be our company mascot."

Thus, the stray kitten becomes the company cat.  Kept indoors, according to Dr. Jennifer Coates, the company cat could live 14 years.

The ASPCA predicts that first year with your very own Business Cat will cost over $1000.

Cat-World estimates that, in the first year, a "free" kitten is more expensive than adopting one from a shelter.

Petfinder's estimates for the first year of cat ownership range from $370-$5070, and for each subsequent year, from $295-$4570.

Doctors Foster and Smith break down the costs by item and year, totaling up 14 years with a cat at over $18,000.

Common law about cats is "If you feed it, it's yours."  When a little kitty comes to your office door and tugs at your heart strings and you give it a bit of turkey lunchmeat, know you're entering a long-term business relationship that will have an effect on your purse strings. 

And when you decide on Business Cat's name, call your accountant.  That will be the title of a new line item in your QuickBooks account. 

Handshake Business Cat by Nancy Brauer

Handshake 2.0's Business Cat by Nancy Brauer.

Elmira Hamidi contributed to the research for this post.

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