Formula for Creating a Post for Handshake 2.0

  1. Write to the audience:  decision-makers.
  2. Introduce the subject in the first sentence.
  3. Offer value in 300 words or fewer.
  4. End with a final sentence summarizng the primary takeaway.
  5. Link to 3  current, high-authority news articles or industry posts, published within the past 3 years.
  6. Add an image.
  7. Add a 2-3 sentence press release-style company description.
  8. Write a title that includes the one keyword for which you most hope the post is found in search results.  
  9. Done.

More on creating for Handshake 2.0’s audience.

Handshake 2.0’s audience is those who lead companies – through position or initiative, from founders and CEOs, to agents, assistants, partners, vendors, evangelists and investors. Our content assists decision-makers.

More on offering value.

These are the characteristics of the writing we have found best engages Handshake’s business news audience – and gets read the most, gets shared the most, and gets the best results from search engines:

  • Stories, articles, and essays – not press releases or pitches – written in fewer than 300 words or told in an image or video. (Here’s what 300 words looks like.)
  • Content that both interests the mind and relates to human emotion.
  • Specific details rather than generalizations or abstractions.
  • A first-person narrative written from experience or expertise OR a third-person informational piece. (Advisory pieces written to the reader as “you” can be perceived as lecturing by a superior to a subordinate – an approach that does not build a “handshake” of rapport with the reader. 
  • Links to 2-3 authoritative sources that support and corroborate points the writer makes.
  • An image to accompany the text of the post that illustrates or symbolizes the content.
  • To visualize a post, see our “Anatomy of a Blog Post” infographic below.

Want ideas for topics?  Here they are.

Want more about writing online business news? Here it is.

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Anatomy of a Blog Post - Handshake Media, Incorporated

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