A Social Media Philosophy

Patsy Stewart is the owner of The Social BUZZ Lab and the person to whom I turn immediately when I have a social media how-to question.  Foundational to her know-how is a set a principles she brings to the business of social media from years of business experience.  What I appreciate most about Patsy, however, is that her philosophy of social media is ever-evolving.  She continues to learn and continues to apply that learning in ways that are of benefit to all of us.

Social-media-blundersFor example, here are excerpts from Patsy Stewart's How to Correct 8 Common Blunders of Social Media:

Social media is not about selling but about building relationships. Do not push your message but build your relationships by promoting others and providing valuable content. Make yourself a resource for others and the sales will come to you.

Showing appreciation goes a long way in social media. While building relationships, don’t forget you need to show gratitude.  Engagement comes in the form of comments, likes, retweets and sharing. You can express gratitude when you get new followers, when someone likes your posts and when they share your content. Equally important is promoting others.

Relationship building on social media requires transparency. For a successful relationship you must be authentic. Find your authentic voice. Be real while asking questions, telling stories, listening and relating to people. Let people know you are real.

Patsy Stewart is for real. 

I turn to Patsy's Social BUZZ Lab Strategy to find out the latest in social media and the latest about what Patsy's thinking.  For the sake of my company's use of social media, I am grateful that she keeps them one and the same.

For the full post with links to sources, please see How to Correct 8 Common Blunders of Social Media.

I am honored that Patsy will often write a guest post for Handshake 2.0.  For more of the how-to and why of social media, read Patsy Stewart's category on Handshake 2.0.

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