Tech Showcase: 10 Facts about Cafrino

From Cafrino:

Cafrino is a New York-based start-up that operates, a legal poker website for the USA, where players compete for large cash prizes without paying any money to participate. Cafrino is built on Node.js, a highly scalable software system, and hosted through Amazon’s cloud compute infrastructure to ensure seamless scalability and failure resilient operations.

Also, Cafrino…

1. has its name from a combination of “casino” and “free.”

2. is legal because it is not a gambling website. Even though there are cash prizes, play is 100% free.

3. is endorsed by World Series of Poker Champion Michael Linn.

4. wants to “bring poker back” to the American people to levels of popularity online poker had at its peak in 2006.

5. has daily guaranteed cash tournaments and constant single-table and heads-up tournaments.

6. held a charity poker tournament in midtown NYC in April 2012; the winner was sent to (and won money in) the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

7. has created an exciting, patent-pending tournament style called SpreeRoll, where players choose how much money they want to compete for by advancing through a tournament at each level of competition.

8. offers heads-up and single table tournament series with top prizes of $12,834.57 and $14,878.71 respectively and has the eventual goal of giving out single-tournament prize pools of over $1,000,000.

9. had a Launch Tournament Tuesday, September 11, 2012 with hundreds of players that gave out a pize pool of $1,000 cash.

10. is a portfolio company of KAYWEB Angels. is a US-only, legal, real-money online-poker destination for the over 15 million players who, since the U.S. government shutdown of illegal poker sites in 2011, have lacked a secure way to play poker online.  Using a unique model of pooling advertising revenue from tournament sponsors, Cafrino is able to have cash prize pools in the thousands of dollars while being 100% free-to-play and never taking money from players in any form.  Cafrino is headed by COO Sean Stavropoulos and CEO Jonathan Aiwazian.

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  1. Thanks for the post! The next month is going to be very exciting at Cafrino as we are currently adding lots of new features for our users and giving out increased prizes! Come check us out!

  2. You’ve made a bold move in a huge market – entrepreneurial in the truest sense! I wish you every success, Jonathan!

  3. William Bowler says:

    Great new site, loving cafrino..

  4. Great to hear, William! Thanks for your comment!

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