10 Facts About The Business Lounge

The Business Lounge is designed to offer entrepreneurs an innovative co-working space.  It is ideal for freelancers, start-ups and work-remote companies who aren't quite ready for a permanent office space but would like the professionalism of a downtown location.  The Business Lounge is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia.

Samantha Steidle and Anne Giles Clelland

The Business Lounge also:

  1. is a new coworking space in downtown Roanoke that offers small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs a space to work outside of their homes.
  2. is co-owned by Samantha Steidle, owner of Virtual Marketing and Dan McDilda, owner of McDilda Photography.
  3. is affordable! Memberships start at just $100/month.
  4. is flexible. The Business Lounge allows members to have the freedom to plug in and out whenever they want (just like a gym).
  5. creates a physical social network. Members work together creatively, share business ideas and collaborate on projects.
  6. offers a great location and downtown address for members to meet with clients and run their business in downtown Roanoke.
  7. is one of many co-working spaces all over the world. The concept of coworking was invented in 2005 in San Francisco. The Business Lounge is Roanoke’s first coworking space.
  8. offers many resources and amenities: Wifi, printing and office supplies as well as access to an attorney regarding legal questions and marketing advice from Virtual Marketing.
  9. has been featured in the news on WSET’s Living in the Heart of Virginia, the Roanoke Times and by WSLS.  See the Business Lounge's videos and news for links.
  10. is a fun place to be! We have events going every day, including Wine Wednesday by Wine Gourmet,  Viva la Thursday by Viva la Cupcake and Froth Coffee Fridays.

In the photo, Samantha Steidle, founder of the Business Lounge, and Anne Giles Clelland, founder of Handshake 2.0, share a Handshake 1.0.

Photo by Rachael Keshishian

Those interested in The Business Lounge can read more about the Business Lounge on Handshake 2.0, learn more about coworking, view upcoming events, fill out an online application, or call 540-397-4377.

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