What Are Your Executive Skills?

From Tom Krapu:

What are “executive skills”? Think of these as higher order cognitive abilities that serve our strengths and drive success. We usually are not good at all of them. A correlation may exist between executive skills and “strengths” in general. Executive skills are twelve “hard wired” brain functions; strengths relate to character strengths.

What are your executive skills?What are your executive skills? Here is a simple, self-published measure of executive skills (.pdf) that I have gotten permission to reproduce.  If you want to do a simple self-assessment, this tool is a great one. It can bring clarity to the executive skills that you “bring to the table.”

When I did this assessment, it brought more clarity to every success I could recount in my life. For instance, Goal Directed Persistence is one of my strong executive skills and explains much of my success being self-employed.  My results also affirmed my decision to hire my executive assistant Cathy. Her strength (organization), my weakness! It has really helped strengthen our working relationship. Working Memory applies to the storage and usage of memory to complete complex cognitive tasks or manage time effectively.  Imagine how this information might inform and clarify who you are and how you work best. This type of assessment can be helpful in making sure important skills are present on a team as well.

If you are curious, feel free to print and take this assessment. If you'd like to discuss your results, please contact me.

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As an executive and leadership coach, Tom Krapu, Ph.D., PCC has over thirty years of experience helping others in their personal and professional development.  Since 2001, he has served as a coach, trainer and facilitator at the individual, team and organizational levels. His executive coaching experience includes working with executives at all levels in diverse sectors of the economy from technology to health care, investment, publishing, manufacturing, government and higher education.  He blogs at Infinite Potential.  You're invited to connect with Tom Krapu on LinkedIn.

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