The Power of the Call List

From Dwayne Washington, Lighthouse Learning and Development:

Many books are available on the importance of cold calling and its essential value to the growth of your business. The willingness to work call lists is commendable as it requires courage, desire, and the ability to manage ecstatic highs and miserable lows.

Dwayne WashingtonJust like many business professionals, I have spent much time working calls lists and making cold calls to develop new business. Call lists have the flexibility to create a consistent supply of new customers and the power to grow your network.

For help with call lists, consider this tip:  

Begin by segmenting your call list.  Set apart a few names and determine if anyone in your network of family, friends or business contacts is familiar with the identified individuals or businesses.

Once familiarity is determined, ask for an introduction.

According to a Direct Marketing Association report, the response rate for cold calling is 6.16.  Conversion rates might vary, depending on skill and experience.

Segmenting your lists will have multiple benefits.  You should be able to increase your conversion rate 7 to 10 times and help grow and strengthen your business development networks.

Dwayne Washington is the founder of Lighthouse Learning and Development, a leadership instruction and training company dedicated to enhancing the learner's knowledge, skills and abilities to help build the most successful future possible.  Among Lighthouse Learning and Development's services are instruction and instructional design in business development, sales performance, and lending excellence.

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