Tech Showcase: 10 Facts About Thankster

From Thankster:

Thankster is a New York-based start-up that operates, created to fulfill a very simple mission – to make it easier to write and send thank yous and other (generally handwritten) notes, such as holiday cards. 

Also, Thankster…

  1. is a website that makes it easy to order and send thank you and greeting cards.
  2. lets users personalize notes with authentic-looking handwriting.
  3. turns handwriting into a font for use with Thankster or other applications through sister site HandFont.
  4. lets users input handwriting via paper form or iPhone and iPad apps.
  5. offer subscriptions which makes it easy for consumers and businesses to stay in touch and strengthen relationships with friends, families and customers.
  6. combines etiquette and a personal touch with the latest in tech. For example, users can add QR codes to their cards that link to photos, videos, or other content.
  7. lets users easily add gifts to their cards.
  8. was released in 2010 and is growing rapidly.
  9. was founded by serial entrepreneur Paul Geller, who launched and other successful ventures.
  10. was listed as the #1 killer tool to boost sales in 2012 by Marketing Matters.

  11. Headquartered in New York City, Thankster combines the electronic world with an offline, personal touch. With Thankster, consumers or businesses can quickly create personalized, printed thank-you notes with authentic-looking handwriting.  Users can even use their own handwriting, which is a breakthrough for an online service. Through the website, they can send out thank-you notes, holiday greetings, holiday thank-you notes, and other personalized cards.  

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  1. Thanks for the post, Anne. We have lots of great stuff we’re working on for launch later this summer – improved performance, more card designs, and some cool features. Look for a partial site re-design and new gifting functionality. We’re excited to keep pushing forward in this very active space.

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