The Executive Summary

From Mike Drzal, LeClairRyan:

For entrepreneurs beginning to seek outside investment, I identified the Executive Summary, the Business Plan, and the Slide Deck as Three Fundamental Tools in the Fundraising Tool Box.

The executive summary is a door opener, a 2-to-3 page way of seeking an invitation to enter into a wider discussion of your company or product.

Executive Summary - One of Three Fundamental Tools in the Fundraising Tool BoxTypical content for an executive summary includes:

  • The company
  • The problem/opportunity
  • Large market size
  • Competition position and barriers to entry by competitors
  • Go to market strategy
  • The team
  • Financing requirements
  • Exit strategy

Always include the founder's contact information and a securities disclaimer.

Mike Drzal is a shareholder at LeClairRyan and serves as chair of the firm’s Venture Capital practice. 

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