Tech Showcase: 10 Facts About Return on Change

Return on Change (RoC) connects innovative startups and investors who are looking to change tomorrow’s world today. Entrepreneurs with great ideas need capital funding to jumpstart their businesses, and investors are looking to help fund the next big idea. RoC provides the online medium through which startup companies and entrepreneurs will be able to pool capital through crowdfunding.

Return on Change - Everyonne's investedRoC also:

  1. is a new crowdfunding platform that will provide a way for investors to connect with game-changing startups. 
  2. is among the first to take advantage of the JOBS Act, the new law that boosts entrepreneurship, innovation, employment and the economy by making it easier for companies to offer shares to the public, and for people to invest in startups.
  3. focuses on high impact startups (Clean Tech, Bio/Med Tech, Web Tech, Social Ventures).
  4. was founded with simplicity in mind: Startups. Crowdfunding. Simple.
  5. has a founder, CEO Sang Lee, who is both a board and founding member of the National Crowdfunding Association (NLCFA).
  6. has been featured in Beta Beat, Reuters, and Fox Business.
  7. was a sponsor of the TechCrunch NYC Meetup  and NY Tech Day.
  8. Promotes investor literacy through education and information resources.
  9. has  JUST launched a contest for eligible startups with a June 30, 2012 entry deadline.
  10. is one of "everyone" in their tagline:  "Everyone's invested!"

Fusion Business Accelerator, a Fusion PR CompanyThis edition of the Tech Showcase on Handshake 2.0 is sponsored by Fusion Business Accelerator (BA), a Fusion PR company.  Fusion BA provides business development services, executive recruiting and assistance in helping startups identify sources of strategic, tactical and investment capital.

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