Just Say No To Pinterest (and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+ and Twitter and blogging…)

From Gail Billingsley:

Should we use this social media tool?As a marketer who spends a large percent of her time using social media, I find myself often advising companies against imitating others. When I ask clients the question, “Why do you think you should use ________ (fill in the blank with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)?” the answer is invariably, “Well, everyone says I need it for my business to grow.” That’s when I want to pull out the “Mom recording” and say, “So, if everyone said, 'You have to jump off a bridge,' would you?”

Social media are fantastic tools and each social media venue has its own use and purpose. Social media are best thought of, literally, as separate tools. They can all do useful things, but if you simply need to tighten a screw, why do you need a hammer, wrench, hacksaw, and pliers? And if you need to build a go-cart but only have pliers, is that going to work?

What can this social media tool accomplish?Before pulling out your toolbox and creating a social media plan, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it you want to accomplish?
  • What time and resources do you have to devote to social media management?
  • What outcomes do you expect?

Once you know what you want to build, a screwdriver might be the only tool you need. And, as well as someone else might be using a wrench, you may not need one yourself.

Gail Billingsley is the Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Smart College Visit and works as a marketing strategy specialist with clients in Virginia and New York.

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