Revitalize Your Facebook Page with Timeline and These 7 Steps

From Patsy Stewart:

Facebook switched all pages over to Timeline this year.  How are you adapting to the change? Have you visited your page to see the changes?  If not, now is the time to take a closer look and make a few changes of your own to revitalize your page for better engagement.

Timeline is VISUAL.

You need to be creative with your images, show you are real by being transparent, and be active with consistent content. Research is showing that brands using Timeline have increased their fan engagement.

Revitalize your Facebook Page with these 7 steps.

1. Create a powerful Cover Image.  (See Handshake 2.0's Facebook Timeline Graphics Guide.)  This is the first impression for many of your first-time visitors so make it stand out.  Keep in mind that there are some rules to follow:  NO contact information of any kind, no website, no phone number, no call to action, no reference to “like” or “share.”  Keep in mind where your profile image will lay on your cover.  You can be creative with your profile but remember this will be the icon that displays during all of your activity on Facebook. Your profile image is an important piece to your brand. In fact, Facebook recently increased the size to 180px x 180px. 

TIP: Change your cover image frequently to give your page a little swagger. Always add calls to action and contact info in the image descriptions.

Blackstone Grill on Facebook
2. Craft your ABOUT information wisely.  You only have 170 characters to tell all About your company. You can use this area for keywords, website links, and calls to action. You can edit this info from the Admin panel by going to Manage Page and selecting Basic Information. 

TIP: If your page category is a Local Business, the About area is not visible under your cover image but instead displays your hours, location and phone.

3. Customize your TABS for best engagement. The tabs (applications) are located directly under your cover image and the top four are visible. The first Tab is for your photos and cannot be changed. The next three Tabs in the row can be customized with special graphics and can switch positions.  There are a maximum of 12 tabs that can be seen if you click the dropdown arrow. These tabs represent the different apps that you use on your page including iframes that were used for Welcome and Fan Gate pages. To switch positions and to change the graphic for the app, you need to click the dropdown arrow on the right. Mouse over the app you want to change and click on the pencil. You will see where you can swap positions with other apps and if you select edit you can change the tab name as well as the graphic.  

TIP: Use the app graphics to include calls to action for your fans.

4. Tell your company story by adding Milestones.  You can add milestones in your timeline. Start with when your company was founded and continually tell your story by adding additional milestones such as awards, achievements, accreditations, new clients, special events, growth of products and services, new employees and collaborations.  You can add Milestones from the status input box.

TIP: Include an image - remember Timeline is Visual!
5. Highlight special posts. Highlighted posts stretch across both columns of the Timeline and provide a great way to generate more interaction.  By having your update span the entire width of the timeline, your content is easier to read and your updates are more visually appealing when they include an image. To highlight a post, mouse over the top right of the post box and click on the star. 

TIP: Highlighted updates are ideal to showcase your videos.

6. Pin important posts to the top of your timeline.  This is a new feature that allows you to pin important posts and have them remain at the top of your timeline for a maximum of 7 days. After you create and publish a post, you can pin it to the top by clicking on the pencil at the top right of the post. Select the option pin to "top." You can also change the date which moves the post in the timeline.  You can’t pin a highlighted image but clicking highlight on a post before you click pin will make it revert to highlighted when the pin to top is removed or expires.

TIP: Don’t leave a post pinned for more than 3 or 4 days. Fans want to see fresh content.

7. Teach your fans how to use Interest Lists.  Interest Lists are created by users to customize the information they are getting in their newsfeed. Encourage your fans to add your page to their Interest Lists. Create your own Interest Lists and include your page. Make it public to get others to subscribe to your list. 

TIP: Share your Interest List on your page wall to get your fans to subscribe.

I hope these steps and tips will generate buzz for your company through your revitalized Facebook page!

Patsy Stewart is a social media practitioner and owner of The Social BUZZ Lab. Her posts for Handshake 2.0 generate top ten buzz. You're invited to read more from Patsy Stewart on Handshake 2.0.

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