A Galactic Handshake

Anne Giles Clelland with Sine Hjort, owner of Juniper Galaxy
I was enchanted to meet Sine Hjort, owner of Juniper Galaxy, and share a “Handshake 1.0” with her during a recent trip to New York.  Sine is Juniper Galaxy’s buyer as well and features personally-selected designer fashions in her Brooklyn, New York boutique.

Juniper Galaxy was featured in Time Out New York’s Shopping Guide and reviewed by CarrollGardensPatch: “Juniper Galaxy offers the experience of shopping at an upscale boutique – at wholesale prices.”

Handshake 2.0’s next Handshake 1.0 with Sine Hjort will be on a shopping trip to Juniper Galaxy – hopefully on Thursday Therapy!

Juniper Galaxy is on Facebook and Twitter.

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