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When I learned of Facebook's new timeline design for business pages, I did what I've learned to do to as a person busy in business to respond entrepreneurially to online changes - I contacted graphic expert Kelsey Sarles and social media expert Patsy Stewart and said, "Just tell me what to do!"

In response, Patsy Stewart pointed me to this guide to converting to a Facebook Brand Timeline page by John Lusher. Kelsey Sarles sent me Mashable's Facebook Brand Timelines: 6 Big Changes Every Marketer Needs to Understand, this gorgeous cover graphic for Handshake 2.0's Facebook page, and a new profile image.

Handshake 2.0's Facebook Cover Image by Kelsey Sarles
For all who want to "just know what to do," Kelsey Sarles kindly provided this guide with image size specifications for creating a new cover image and new profile image for a Facebook Brand Timeline:

The actual (and optimal) size of the Facebook Cover image is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. Unless you’ve taken a lot of pictures in “panoramic mode,” it’s highly unlikely that you have any photos that are even close to this dimension. For best results, I recommend working with a graphic designer who can create a custom image that makes the most of this branding space. For the DIYers out there, here’s the good news – Facebook will automatically resize any photo you upload (provided that it’s at least 399 pixels wide) to fit the cover image space. After the upload, you’ll also have the option to adjust the crop.

You must upload a profile picture that is at least 180 pixels wide. The actual display size that will now overlap your cover photo is 180 x 180 pixels. Keep in mind that the thumbnail version of your profile picture (that appears when you post information or comments) is only about 30 x 30 pixels wide.


You can check out examples of new Facebook Brand Timeline cover and profile images on Handshake 2.0's Facebook page.  Thanks for the entrepreneurial help, Kelsey!

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  1. The new timeline is definitely the most visual change Facebook has made. They have a made a huge focus on graphics with the cover image as well as the highlight and milestone images. It’s a huge plus for a business to have a graphics person on board!! Great work Kelsey and Anne!!

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