6 Steps for Protecting Your Trade Secrets

From Jim CowanLeClairRyan:

Under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, to be considered a trade secret, information must:

  • derive independent economic value from not being generally known to competitors, or readily ascertainable by them; and
  • be subject to reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy.

6 Steps for Protecting Your Trade SecretsElements of a corporate trade secret protection program include the following six steps:

  1. Have written procedures to protect the information;
  2. Sign non-disclosure agreements with employees and others who have access to the information;
  3. Clearly mark as confidential any information that the company maintains is proprietary, and notify those who utilize such information of its proprietary nature;
  4. Restrict dissemination of the information only to those who have a need to know the information;
  5. Physically restrict access to the information, or to the computers on which the information is stored. This may also be achieved by an effective password protection system; and
  6. Conduct exit interviews to remind terminated employees of their obligations of confidentiality and to limit the amount of confidential information that is removed by such employees.  Many companies use a written form.

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