Work: It’s Personal

Work: It's Personal by Anne Giles ClellandWhen Dan Smith suggested publishing a collection of the workplace advice columns I have been honored to write for him and Tom Field for Valley Business FRONT since December of 2008, as I reviewed the series of more than 30 questions and answers, I was struck by how topics might be work-related, but how profoundly the questioner sought personal clarity and meaning.  "Don't take it personally," we are told.  But we do. We are told, "Separate personal from professional."  But we don't.  Along with our "skill sets," "core competencies" and "thought leadership," we take our hearts and minds to work with us every day.

Hence the title:  Work: It's Personal.

Creating Work: It's Personal was a delightful team effort.  Dan Smith, editor of Valley Business FRONT wrote a humblingly beautiful foreword, Kelsey Sarles designed the book's cover and interior with her distinctive artistry and its accompanying cartoons with her inimitable creative view of the world.  I had my first studio photo shoot ever with Wayne Dunford and thank him for helping me be myself for the camera.  We used CreateSpace to publish the book in print and Kindle Direct Publishing for the Kindle version.

Dan Smith kindly circulated the manuscript prior to publication and I am awed and grateful for the reviews readers offered. 

Work: It's Personal is on Handshake 2.0 with those reviews and all the book's details. These are links to Work: It's Personal on and Work: It's Personal for the Kindle.

To all who have shared personal workplace challenges with me, I thank you.  If you haven't shared one yet, feel free to send me your question at [email protected]. I’ll do my best to answer it in Valley Business FRONT.

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