The Mobile Frontier

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From Wil Collins:

Business and physics do not, on the surface, appear to have the common underlying principles needed to create a substantial relationship. However, after reading this thought-provoking post by Richard Hammer, I was left questioning that very assumption.

Mobile Gold RushThe path of least resistance is a physics term used to describe a channel through which a desired outcome can be attained with the least amount of opposition. People and businesses are continuously searching for guidance to find the path of least resistance towards their success.

Some see the birth of a new industry as the opening of their path of least resistance – they are allured by the illusion of immediate success and wealth. The first few to flock to a newborn industry can find it remarkably easy to strike it rich with little or no opposition. However, many then enter the market, leaving newcomers scrambling for alternative techniques to mine the remaining riches.

Currently, the mobile sector is becoming a prominent technology and, therefore, appears to hold endless business possibilities. During this week of the anniversary of the 1848 California Gold Rush, it's apt to point out that as a result of the current gold rush for Silicon Valley, there are myriad app developers trying their luck out to become the next millionaire. Unfortunately, most prospectors do not strike it rich with sheer luck, so other, more refined methods must be devised for those seeking the same success.

The influx of entrepreneurs caused by a so-called Gold Rush to a single market creates vast disparity between the supply and demand in that market. On the other hand, it also spurs innovative thinking by those on the cutting edge of that industry. These effects on the software industry have created an environment where every developer has the chance to strike gold with their next app.

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