She Chooses – The Personal Awareness and Social Sharing App for Women

She Chooses(R) - personal awareness and social sharing app

She Chooses(R) is a personal awareness and social sharing mobile application that helps women make choices that are true to themselves in the company of women and their choice-making wisdom.

Feel. Think. Choose.(TM) is the essence of She Chooses, fostering awareness of what women are feeling and thinking, as well as what they are choosing to do – or not.

Women who use Feel. Think. Choose.:

– Take a moment for themselves.
– Check in with themselves about what they are feeling and thinking.
– Ask themselves what they need.
– Foster awareness that leads to choices true to who they are.
– Check out what other women have chosen with similar feelings and thoughts.
– Have an on-the-go way to practice self-care.

She Chooses is an offering to women everywhere to help them live heart-felt, thoughtful, beautiful lives.

She Chooses(R) is available for free download in the iTunes App Store.

he Chooses(R) - personal awareness and social sharing app

She Chooses(R) is a Handshake(R) mobile application developed by Handshake Mobile, a division of Handshake Media, Incorporated.

The release of the mobile version of She Chooses(R) was announced on Handshake 2.0 and on the She Chooses blog.

She Chooses(R) was conceived of by Anne Giles Clelland, developed by Alex Edelman, and designed by Kelsey Sarles.

We developed the personal awareness side of Feel. Think. Choose. for our first mobile release and look forward to adding social sharing features in future versions and updates. The full-featured version of our social platform for women is on the web at

With questions, comments, feedback and for support, please contact Handshake Media, Incorporated: [email protected]

App Name: She Chooses
App Version Number: 1.0.0
App Apple ID: 495580647
App URL:
Released: January 27, 2012
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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