The (Poetic) Business of White Label Software

When poet Peter Meinke taught me the basic principle of the business of poetry – try to reach as many people as possible with same poem – he also taught me the basic principle of the business of white label software: code once, sell to many.

The business of poetry works like this:  once a poem had been published by a small magazine, Peter Meinke suggested submitting that same poem to an anthology, then collecting it in a chapbook, then in a "slim volume," then in a volume of collected works.  The same "product" – the poem – reaches niches in the target market through varied distribution channels – anthology-preferring poetry readers, chapbook-preferring poetry readers, etc.  With each purchase of the poem/product by each distributor from the poet/company, revenue is generated for the poet/company.  The distributor takes responsibility for marketing the product.  The poet is free to pen more poems.  If the marketing is successful and the product is sold well and well-liked, the audience for the poet increases as does the market demand for new "products." 

The business of white label softwareThe white label software business model works in a similar way.  We offer several white label software products through the mobile division of Handshake Media, Incorporated, Handshake Mobile, and I'll use our Handshake App as an example of how the business side works. 

We coded once, developing a software application with device-side and server-side features.  We branded it first as the Handshake App for Handshake 2.0 and distributed it through both the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.  We use our own services to market it.  Next - on the "white label" of that same Handshake App software application – we branded the Coldwell Banker Townside App for our client, Coldwell Banker Townside, Realtors.  Handshake Media markets its clients' branded versions of the Handshake App. Handshake Mobile is free to code. Since developing our first mobile app in August, 2010, we have developed and produced a full line of Handshake(R) mobile applications

Unlike a poem that retains its timeless beauty, white label software requires timely release of new features to be of continuing value to its customers and clients.  Last week I received .apk files to test for our latest release.  A client made a suggestion for a new feature, it's a great one, we've added it, and we'll be delighted to offer it to our clients and the users of their apps. 

Peter's untitled poem beginning with the line "this is a poem to my son Peter" (included in the collection Liquid Paper)  is his most anthologized and a Google search reveals pages and pages of WOM (word-of-mouth referrals).  People the world over are discussing its value and undoubtedly Googling its author to find new poems/products.  That's good for the poetry business and would be nice for the white label software business, too.

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