Google+: Do We Add It?

I find connecting and sharing with others through Handshake 2.0's Facebook, Twitter, and additional social media channels rewarding on both personal and corporate levels.  Since Google+ launched in June, 2011, I've wondered whether or not we needed to add another social network to our online network.  All companies want to know:  What's the R.O.I. of time spent in social media?  I asked Wil Collins, intern with us at Handshake Media, Incorporated, to explore an answer to the question:  Does a company need a presence on Google+?

From Wil Collins:

"It's still who you know" and "It's still who knows you" are fundamental to corporate success.

A business must have customers in order for it to succeed; however, people cannot interact with a business they have no knowledge exists. As a result of this necessity, businesses often spend massive amounts of money to expose the public to their brand-name. But can a business advertise without such astronomical spending?

A surge of businesses have joined free social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to reach consumers quickly and inexpensively. Now, Google+ provides the familiar features of these other social platforms and includes enhanced features such as Circles, Direct Connect, and Hangouts.


Google+ provides a business environment that separates it from the other social platforms by focusing on brands. When a company is interacting with Facebook or Twitter, they may find themselves searching for certain features only to find they are not included.

  • How can a message be targeted to a specific clientele? Circles enable this type of marketing by allowing followers to be grouped into subsets.
  • How can the consumer access a brand more easily? Direct Connect provides internet users access to specific Google+ pages directly through Google search.
  • How can communication between team members or the company and its clients increase? Hangouts enhance the user's ability to communicate with others via video-conferencing.

With such additions to the existing social media paradigm, Google+ has formed a new model that seems to provide users with the control they have long desired. This new model includes the myriad of other Google services such as Internet search, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, and Android – so why not utilize their existing infrastructure to maximize a business’s success?

Thanks, Wil.  Your post inspired me to explore possibilities so I joined Google+.  As I learn more, I'll share our answer to the question, "Do we add Google+?"

Wil Collins is a computer science major at Virginia Tech and an intern with Handshake Media, Incorporated. You're invited to read more from Wil Collins on Handshake 2.0.

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