Feel. Think. Choose.(TM)

Feel. Think. Choose.(TM)

Feel. Think. Choose.(TM) is a personal self-awareness and social sharing software platform that fosters creation and maintenance of the two factors that most influence long-term behavioral change in individuals:  a change in awareness, and the occurrence of that change in the company of others.

Feel. Think. Choose.(TM) is algorithm-based, cloud-hosted, customizable, “white label” software, available to users in both web and mobile versions, offered to organizations and corporations who serve populations with behavioral health management needs.

Feel. Think. Choose. features individual use, and use within a members-only social network, with device-side and server-side features, available as both web and mobile applications.

Feel. Think. Choose.(TM) is a product of Handshake Media, Incorporated.

For more information, please contact Anne Giles Clelland, [email protected], 540-808-6334.

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