What You Need to Know About Facebook Insights

An excerpt from What You Need to Know About Facebook Insights (.pdf) a new white paper from Patsy Stewart, The Social BUZZ Lab:

What You Need to Know About Facebook Insights from The Social BUZZ LabFacebook recently launched a new version of its page Insights.  As a page administrator, you can find helpful data about your published content and discover how it performs with your fans. You can also determine which content best resonates with your audience for optimal engagement.

Analytics Help You Optimize Your Content Strategy

The ultimate goal of the content you post on Facebook is to reach and engage with your fans. This data from Facebook's Insights can help you understand which type of post gets the most engagement and reach.

  • Date – day your post was published
  • Post – the type of content (post, photo, video, link) and an excerpt from your post
  • Reach – the number of unique individuals who saw your post. Clicking on the number will drill down the channel that delivered the message
  • Engaged Users – number who clicked on your post
  • Talking About This – the number who engaged or created a story from your post
  • Virality – the number of unique people who created a story from your post as a percentage of the number who have seen it

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